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  • Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

    Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

  • Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

    Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

The End of a Tennis Season

The End of a Tennis Season

This past weekend were the conference tournaments for the men's and women's tennis teams. Unfortunately, neither team made it to nationals but that does not discount the great and successful seasons they had.
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Pirates of Penzance

Pirates of Penzance

Over the past month many of Bethel’s students have been working on the opera, The Pirates of Penzance.
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Bubbert Awards 2014

Bubbert Awards 2014

This year’s Bubberts Awards were on the evening of April 12th. Bubberts was great as always! Everyone looked super spiffy and fancy.
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Concert Choir In Europe

Concert Choir In Europe

The Concert Choir gave a bittersweet farewell to our European choir tour with a final concert on Sunday, this time in front of the friendly faces of Bethel’s campus.
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A United World

I’ve never been sure what to think about the spread of the American culture throughout the rest of the world. Some people say it’s a bad thing–that too much spreading of the American culture causes other cultures to be stamped out, ultimately creating a single monoculture for the whole world. I can see why this might be a concern–after all, even though I’m in Germany, I still see/hear many traces of my country here: the movies playing in the theaters, the shows on TV, the music on the radio. Not to mention the fact that the majority of the people I encounter know at least a little bit of English. Read More


General list of events that have sneaked up on me:-The end of the year.-The end of my full-time weeks as student teacher.-The end of April.-My PLT–THE test required by Kansas (and 34 other states) which will determine whether or not I receive my teaching license. The test is tomorrow at 7 am. And though it was at the front of my to-do list last weekend, it has receded to the farthest reaches of my memory until tonight at supper. I’m taking a break from a bit of review right now……… Read More

Spring Fling!

Hey all. Bethel has been in a spring fling kind of mood lately, in fact last week was dedicated to the celebration of spring, as denoted by it being called Spring Fling here on campus. We had several activities going on, such as a talent show, various outside sports events, and finally our annual Bubbert’s film awards. Read More

A week of multicultural bonding

Classes will start full swing this week, so I’m actually looking forward to having a little more routine! I’m taking my placement exam for my German language course on Monday, so it’ll be interesting to see which class I’m in. I’ve been a little sick the past couple days with a cold, so Friday I got some medicine from the Apotheke today (that’s pharmacy–here you have to buy any over-the-counter medication at a pharmacy, not just at a grocery store), so hopefully that helps. I explained my symptoms to the pharmacist (yes, auf Deutsch!) and she gave me this powdered Bayer aspirin stuff to mix in water and drink. Fun fact: Bayer is manufactured here in Wuppertal! Read More

Early Enrollment

Today is early enrollment day for incoming freshman. This year it is really exciting to have this day publicized to all of the students and faculty. I don’t ever remember in years past that we even had an early enrollment day. But it is amazing too see almost 50 new students coming onto campus and enrolling. It goes to show that our Admissions team is working very hard to bring new students to campus and that their hard work is paying off. I am very excited to see just how many new students are on campus in the fall. I am sure that the campus will have a new feel to it and because there will be so many new people! I know that all Admissions staff, coaches, faculty, and students have worked very hard this year to bring lots of prospective students onto campus and to try and increase enrollment. I truly believe that all of this hard work is beginning to show and beginning to finally pay off. This year has been a lower enrollment year than in recent years, but everyone is and has been working hard to increase enrollment. I am truly excited to see how our campus grows come fall semester!!

Service Day

Service Day is day where all the students at Bethel go out into the community and lend a helping hand. It was so exciting this year because so many people signed up and everyone was willing and able to go out into the community and volunteer their time. This service day was very unique in that more people volunteered than usual and students actually had fun stories to tell about their voluntary service. Maybe we should have a day like this every month to really show our service. Seek. Serve. Grow. Bethel College. Our new motto for Bethel is really emphasized when the community gets involved in service.

Spring Workouts

When spring comes along it means beautiful weather, everyone going outside, etc. But with spring also comes spring workouts. The football team has been doing 6 am running a few days a week to prepare for their spring football game. The men’s and women’s basketball teams have been hosting recruits, playing pick up games and hitting the weight room hard. The volleyball team has been doing their jump workouts a few times a week also. So the gym is the place to be every afternoon around 4 pm. The track teams and the tennis teams are in season, so they are hitting the track and courts everyday at 4! For me personally, I am in basketball. I do enjoy time away from practicing, but spring is a fun time to be able to hit the weight room, run outside, and play pick up games. Most every afternoon there is someone playing ball in the gym.

Settling in

Well, it’s been a few days, and I am starting to feel more settled in. My apartment is starting to both look and feel more homey, and I’ve met a couple more people. As I stated in my last blog, Wednesday we went to Cologne. Pia, another Wuppertal-Bethel exchange student currently at Bethel, has a sister here named Marie, so she was kind enough to take us. It was both me and Chris’ second time there (we stopped there on choir tour in January, and Chris went there on a trip over Interterm last January). We mostly just walked around – the weather was wonderful, so it was nice to spend time outside. Across the Rhein River there was a carnival going on, so we went to check it out. It was pretty much exactly like any American carnival – I guess carnies look the same no matter what country you’re in! Read More

First day in Germany!

Well, the time has finally come: I’ve arrived in Germany for my semester abroad! I am in Wuppertal, a city in the western part of the country. Bethel has had an exchange program with the university here since the 1950’s in which two student from Bethel go to Wuppertal, and two students from Wuppertal go to Bethel. It’s amazing to not only have an opportunity to study abroad, but also participate in such a long-standing tradition. Read More

Easter springs up!

Good Friday has come and gone, and Easter is in two days! I can hardly believe it. The Bethel campus has been a buzz with sand volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and happy students basking in the sun. Springtime livens the hearts of those who have been in hibernation during winter, and it calls to the warm breeze of summer. Read More