Mysterious Modmates

Hey Everyone! Okay so today is a day of chances and opportunities. The football team has their last day at Sterling at 1:30pm. Also the Volleyball team is playing in the championship game of their post-season tournament at Friends at 8pm. Both of these match ups will be intense and worth watching. The volleyball match will be streamed online also. The basketball teams also have games today. The men are in Nebraska and the women have a game at home!

Other than sports there is an apparent busyness around campus. I personally live in the mods and have 7 roommates. We honestly realized the other day that while we have lived together going on 3 months that we have all been in the same place a handful of times. We took advantage of these few times by taking a couple mod pictures. It has been a crazy year so far with all the activities that everyone is involved in. I hope that with the coming winter months, and especially interterm, that we will all be able to enjoy each other’s company more. It also seems that people cannot wait for Thanksgiving break! More to come about my Thanksgiving adventures later. Have a great week and study hard!

p.s. The Halloween dance was fantastic and the costumes better than ever!!