Student Teaching

Since you are fully informed of the Halloween activities that took place on campus this weekend I won’t go in to that!

I want to talk a little about my student teaching experiences.  I am a senior History major and I am working towards getting a teaching certificate.  In order to do this I have to have many observation hours in the classroom.  For my school and community class we are visiting schools in nearby Wichita.  The school we are currently visiting is a bilingual school.  They teach both English and Spanish in equal amounts.  Some of the classes are in English and some in Spanish.  The school is a magnet school for Kindergarten through 8th graders.  They get to choose who they allow to go to school there.  They choose half of their students to be native English speakers and the other half are native Spanish speakers.  This is very interesting to observe in a school like this because it is something totally different than we are all used to.  I wonder what I would have been like if I grew up speaking two languages.  I think it would be so cool!  These students are going to be so prepared for the outside world.  They will get jobs over other people because they are bilingual.  I am so glad that Bethel offers this opportunity to us.  It is so interesting for a person who wants to be a teacher just to learn about different ways of doing things.

I also spend time in the classroom here in Newton at the High School.  Starting in February I will be student teaching at the High School.  I like to go up there and get to know my cooperating teacher and the students that I will be working with.  I am really excited to get started with my career, but also very nervous!  You will hear more about my student teaching experiences when I actually start doing that next semester!  Hopefully they are all good experiences and no embarrassing ones!