Halloween Dance

I was apparently deceived. Instead of simply giving a summary of fall break and a preview of the Halloween dance, I’ll be able to tell you how the dance actually went. Thank you procrastination!The Halloween dance was last night in the Cafeteria from 10:30 to 1 AM, and it was pretty fantastic. As a mod, the nine of us had decided to go as the Fellowship of the Ring and we were all decked out. We’d decided on it weeks beforehand, so our costumes were actually pretty legit. We entered the dancehall swords flashing at 11 to a fantastic DJ blasting some dance music and proceeded to get our dance on.The evening zoomed by until the costume contest was upon us, when the music cut out and the honorable Clint Harris, MC took up the mic to start the contest. Individuals were up first, and Ryan Cummins took top honors by painting his entire body blue as a Na’avi from Avatar. Aaron Tschetter and Becca Trumble took home the couple honors, as they went as Fred and Wilma Flintstone, complete with a very realistic cart.Now, it was finally our turn. The groups were called up, and it was obvious that there were two groups who had put more effort into the contest than the rest, our mod and our deckmates, 4C. We waited with bated breath in anticipation of the announcement when finally…4C won.They were quite lovely as evil Disney villainesses. They probably deserved the top group prize. But there was still one last prize: Crowd Favorite. The candidates were announced, the crowd cheered, and…We won. And proceeded to enjoy the rest of the night as the coolest-costumed deckmates at Bethel College.