Into the Woods

This past weekend has come and gone and now students get to relax after Fall Fest! Fall fest is one of the most exciting festivities at Bethel, and it includes activities all weekend, including club booths, good Mennonite food, and many activities and sports to watch. I have enjoyed Fall Fest for most of my life, coming from a town close to Bethel, but this year I got a completely new perspective on Fall Fest. Last year in the middle of May, a good friend and now my roommate, Julia Huxman, randomly found me and asked if I was interested in auditioning in the fall musical, Into the Woods with her. I thought about it for about 5 seconds, shrugged my shoulders and happily agreed. The next day, we had to audition with a song and spoken acting part to determine our parts in the show. We then started to practice on the very first day of school. I have never been part of any major production like this, so I was thrilled to get to be a part of this experience. Over the course of the last couple of months I had the pleasure of spending most of my entire evenings at play practice, making new and lasting friendships with cast members that I had not spent much time with, and performing in front of three different audiences a wonderfully written musical! In this production, I took the role of Snow White. This is one of the most miniscule parts in this musical, but that allowed me to help others on stage and help in other ways. I have always enjoyed watching musicals and play productions but when actually performing on the other end of the spectrum, you quickly learn to appreciate them much more. We spent hours and hours on the finite details and transitions in this musical to make it the best it could be. I think my participation in this musical will be one of my fondest memories of Bethel, and one that I will treasure forever. I think it’s fantastic, that at Bethel, you can be a Biology Teaching major and have very little experience in acting and still get a role in a play! I know that many students appreciate this kind of experiences at Bethel, where they are able to play a sport and be in a musical and maintain a demanding major. If you are one of those high school students who enjoys participating in several different activities, come check out Bethel and I think you will be surprised by how open the possibilities here are!