Bethel College has a Quidditch team?!?!!?

Yes indeed, you’d better believe it. The team was started a few weeks ago by a couple of students, and they’ve been playing informal games on Saturday afternoons.

The game is played on the Green, and as in the “real” sport, players run around with brooms (or Swiffers!) between their legs while dodging Bludgers and trying to score goals past the Keeper.The Bethel games have done a pretty good job of sticking true to the famous Harry Potter sport, with the only obvious difference being that the game is played on terra firme rather than up in the air.

The turnout is high enough to get two teams full, and students stop and watch on their way to the library or cafeteria. Watching classmates and friends run willy-nilly back and forth across the Green, diving for the Quaffle or ducking and weaving between Bludgers and other players is definitely a fun way to spend a few Saturday afternoon hours.