Winter is on its way

So I have lived in Kansas for my entire life and love the change of seasons. I would be bored without the constant changing of weather that makes Kansas what it is. This weekend we had our first “snow” of the season, which I don’t actually count as snow because it didn’t accumulate and it wasn’t below freezing. It definitely caused a lot of excitement on campus though.

This weekend and this week are also the second round of Humans vs. Zombies. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, it’s kind of a college campus thing. Like Facebook was. It’s basically a huge game of tag where you start with one “zombie” who “infects” (tags) the humans. The humans can stun a zombie by shooting it with a nerf gun or throwing a sock at it. The players are identified by a bandana around the head for zombies and a bandana around the arm or leg for humans. The humans are usually also identifiable by the huge nerf guns they tote around campus. I am not participating in this game because I hate being paranoid and would like to get to class without people chasing me, but a lot of my friends play and enjoy it.