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  • Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

    Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

  • Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

    Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

The End of a Tennis Season

The End of a Tennis Season

This past weekend were the conference tournaments for the men's and women's tennis teams. Unfortunately, neither team made it to nationals but that does not discount the great and successful seasons they had.
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Pirates of Penzance

Pirates of Penzance

Over the past month many of Bethel’s students have been working on the opera, The Pirates of Penzance.
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Bubbert Awards 2014

Bubbert Awards 2014

This year’s Bubberts Awards were on the evening of April 12th. Bubberts was great as always! Everyone looked super spiffy and fancy.
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Concert Choir In Europe

Concert Choir In Europe

The Concert Choir gave a bittersweet farewell to our European choir tour with a final concert on Sunday, this time in front of the friendly faces of Bethel’s campus.
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Becoming an upperclassman

It’s hard to believe that it is already the beginning of my third year of college! Freshman and sophomore don’t seem like that long ago in some ways, but when I think about how much has happened and how many new people I have met in the past two years, it’s hard to remember what life was like before those experiences.I arrived on campus Saturday to register and get moved into mod 7B in Warkentin Court. I stayed in North Newton and worked on campus in the Institutional Communications office all summer, so it almost felt like I had never really left. This will be my first year to live in the mods, and I am already enjoying it. It’s wonderful to be living closely with eight wonderful girls, and yet it’s still easy to walk over to the other mods and visit other people. Read More

A Senior’s To-Do List

I can’t believe this is my last year at Bethel. Ok, now that the cliché is out of the way…I am trying my hardest to not think about the end already; I’m less than 48 hours into this year. But it is intimidating and bittersweet. I’m spending the year in a mod full of some of the sweetest girls on campus. And, most of us are single, we have the world at our feet, after all! I don’t need to think about leaving this home already. Yesterday as we all moved in, the excitement was so tangible we were bouncing with glee… skipping to supper!… singing loudly… shouting inappropriately loud whenever we saw old friends… giggling ridiculously at bubbles to ease our unpacking mess… and finding extreme joy in rocket balloons–and now everyone in the mods surrounding 7B also know the joys, or ear aches, of rocket balloons. But what comes next is inevitable… real world. Real job. The normal worries of a college senior are no stranger to me. Read More

Brought to You by Bethel College

I am contractually obligated to write this and post it before the end of August. Which is a little befuddling. I’m blogging about Bethel and it hasn’t yet started for me. I’ve been living and working on campus all summer and even with the recent arrival of the athletes and opening of the caf, I feel more like a member of the proletariat than the student body.But in three more days, when I move my stuff across the courtyard of Warkentin Court in the exact opposite of the move I made at the start of the summer, I will be rejoining some of my old modmates, greeting some new ones, and rediscovering the magic of Bethel College. Read More

The Jungle

While everyone else at Bethel is preparing for the upcoming school year, I have been experiencing the Ecuadorian life for a month now. On July 23, I flew to Quito, Ecuador, where I will be studying and learning for the semester – until my plane takes me back to the U.S. on December 20.

Eating ice cream in the jungle

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April Showers…of homework

It’s that wonderful season in academia when the end of semester, the end of the school year is in view, but it’s beyond a set of monkey bars that you have to cross on arm strength alone…just after you’ve finished rope-climbing over a wall. Maybe I drew out that metaphor too far, but here in the final weeks of school, there is a mental, near physical exhaustion from the loads of projects, tests and essays that cruelly sync up in due dates. Read More

Budget cuts sadden but don’t really disturb

It’s been almost two weeks since President Barry Bartel announced budget cuts to faculty, staff and students. The cuts were made to balance the Bethel budget for next year to the tune of 1 million dollars.The brunt of the cutbacks was born by faculty and staff, because such a large percentage of Bethel’s annual budget goes to personnel expenses. While having a 9 to 1 student/faculty ratio is a boon to the Bethel education experience, it has been long known that the college could not sustain it. Read More

Tennis continues despite stupid Kansas weather

After the recent blizzard-like weather in Kansas, it might seem odd to talk about Spring athletics, but as the snow melts I am increasingly excited to continue our tennis season.Bethel tennis teams played our first matches on March 3, but have not played for quite some time due to snow and other poor weather conditions. Thankfully, we have a game today and conference matches begin this Saturday (and my parents are coming from Indiana to watch them!!! I am way too excited!!). So far our team is 4-1, not a bad record at all, and we hope to keep improving as all sports teams do. Read More

3.14 PIE

I thought about writing this on March 14, 2009[Disclaimer: I realize this date seems long gone and this is not the proper way to blog; I will try to be more timely in the future.]March 14, 2009 = 3/14/2009 = 3.14 = π = PIE!!

Peach pie
Peach pie. Notice the intricate hearts and stars of the crust…almost gourmet.

So I know that this is not exactly a correct mathematical equation and my high school Pre-Calculus teacher would probably shake her head in discouragement, but the point is that March 14 was National Pie Day and that is cause for celebration. Read More

Bethel College Concert Choir Spring Tour

Fifty-two seats, five overhead TV screens, 41 choir members, one choral director, one director of church relations, one admissions counselor, and an awesome bus driver named Mike. That was the count at the beginning of this year’s Bethel College Concert Choir Spring Tour, which cut a wide swath through the Southwest during spring break.We made it home with a similar count, but we were additionally-loaded down with fresh fruit, expanded luggage, and lots of good memories. Read More

Hopi Mission Service Trip

Regardless of our intentions, we haven’t blogged at all this week. That’s partly due to exhaustion but also the result of the faulty internet connection around here. Our apologies.Despite the worst sandstorm that the area has seen in a long while, we were able to start working bright and early Monday morning on our project: the new volunteer center. Finishing this building is the last in a long string of construction projects for the Hopi Mission School, including a duplex for the school’s teachers and a large gym. One of our main jobs was to prime and put two coats of paint on the exterior of the building, and the other was laying tile in the interior. Read More