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  • Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

    Mudslam, AKA The Dirtiest Volleyball You Have Ever Played

  • Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

    Mod Life: Finding Fun Amidst Stress

Concert Choir Tour 2015

Concert Choir Tour 2015

The choir's annual spring break tour took them into churches of various denominations in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, where they experienced amazing hospitality from an equal variety of people.
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Bethel in bloom

Bethel in bloom

It seems like we just turned around and suddenly it's spring all over the Bethel campus.
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Spring Fling 2015

Spring Fling 2015

Above is a photo from 2015's Bubbert Awards fun. The Bubberts capped off Spring Fling week, which also included Ultimate Trivia, laser tag, Capture the Flag and Bethel Olympics. Plus an Iron Chef Cook-off with a secret ingredient...
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The end of another school year

The end of another school year

Wrapping up, finishing up and moving out, as another school year ends. Our bloggers appreciate coffee, friends, beautiful coffee, summer plans, study breaks and ... coffee.
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Interterm is already half way done!!?

So, it’s already the middle of interterm classes! Today I just took my midterm for my class, and I honestly cannot believe that we only have 2 more weeks left!Interterm is a unique aspect of Bethel. During the month of January, students take 1 class every day for the whole month. Usually the classes offered are different than usual semester classes. There are traveling classes (Europe, Costa Rica), different types of English classes (War fiction), some very interesting science classes (astronomy, animal behavior), and even a fun business class (Emerson Meets Management)…just to name a few! Read More

Interterm–a lot can happen in just 1 month

Wow, it’s been two weeks already, and interterm has been hectic. Who knew having one class for a whole month would be so full of reading and lectures? It has not been all bad, there has been fun and games as well.3 on 3 basketball intramurals has begun and the race is on to find the best 3 on 3 teams–men and women–on the Bethel campus. Also basketball has heated this below-freezing winter right up with both the women’s and men’s teams in top competing spots in the conference. Read More


Hey people!Greetings from Karlsruhe, Germany! It’s a ten-hour bus ride from Leipzig (Leipzig did not have free internet, and this place only has it for twenty minutes at a time in the lobby, so I must be quick), and we also stopped at Buchenwald concentration camp. That hour-and-a-half stop on the way here deserves far more time than I can give it in a blog, so it will have to wait. Read More

Guten Abend

Hello friends. Currently I am sitting in my hostel/hotel room in Leipzig, Germany, after another long day of traveling and singing. To be honest, I never really envisioned myself being in a position to travel around Europe with a group of my friends, staying in nice hotels and singing to people all over the continent. So far it has been a fantastic journey, albeit very cold and snowy. We have both of those conditions back in Kansas, but the cold here bites a little bit harder and there is definitely more snow here right now than we probably get in an entire winter in Kansas, and it snowed every day for the first 4 or so days that we’ve been here. Read More

European Choir Tour!

So right now I am sitting in the lobby of a Leipzig youth hostel. That’s right, folks…I’m also on choir tour! It has been wonderful so far! We have been in Berlin the past few days, and we just arrived in Leipzig today and gave a concert tonight–our fourth one in the week and a half we’ve been in Europe. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to see Leipzig yet–we’ll get a tour tomorrow–so I’ll focus mainly on Berlin. Read More


As the title suggests, we have made it to Berlin. What I have to say next I will type very slowly so you are sure to completely fathom the significance.ILOVETHISCITYDid you get that? Good. Literally the only bad thing about anything here is that the weather is terrible and cash exchange places are closed on Sunday leaving me euro-less the day before the night of the opera. Read More

Our month of travels

I’m making a promise right now to post some pictures once I return from Europe. But I can’t very well upload photos to a computer that I do not own.That being said, let me attempt to describe European Choir Tour so far. This trip, as my good choir-mate Clint Harris said, is one that happens every 4 years. For the three years in between the choir takes trips during spring break around the U.S. and (sometimes)Canada. This is big though. It wasn’t in my original plan to be on this trip…. I am fortunate to be on this trip. Read More

Check it out, guys: I’M IN POLAND!!!

Yes, I am in Poland, as the title says, and as my wanton capitalizing would have you believe, I am very excited to be here. My being in Gdansk, Poland, right now, as I write this, is a direct result of my being in the Bethel College Concert Choir. Every year, the Concert Choir goes on some sort of tour around the United States (maybe even Canada) to sing in various churches and learn various things about different parts of the country. This normally occurs during Spring Break. Read More

Year in Review

This year I realized I have been abroad exactly half the year of 2009. In January I went to the Middle East with the famous Patty Shelly and some wonderful people in the class Jerusalem Seminar for interterm. That was also my first experience outside of the United States. This was an incredibly eye-opening time that led me to question the foundation of faith I stand on as well as the “justice” our nation proclaims. I came back to Bethel to enjoy a challenging semester, bid farewell to new friends who were graduating, and I packed my bags once again to leave for Ecuador in July for the remainder of the year. Read More

Goodbye Ecuador

Yesterday I arrived in Kansas after an entire day of traveling home from Quito, Ecuador.Things I will miss:Fresh fruit everyday.My host mother.Seeing beautiful mountains everyday.Going to the beach, jungle, or higher in the mountains in only a few hours. Read More