As the title suggests, we have made it to Berlin. What I have to say next I will type very slowly so you are sure to completely fathom the significance.ILOVETHISCITYDid you get that? Good. Literally the only bad thing about anything here is that the weather is terrible and cash exchange places are closed on Sunday leaving me euro-less the day before the night of the opera. Oh, did I mention I am going to see an OPERA in BERLIN? I’m really classy. (It almost makes up for the nightclub yesterday and the fact that Lady Gaga seems to be a major cultural import in this city.) Tonight a whole gang of us (16 by the last count) are getting decked out in our finest and walking less than fifteen minutes from our hotel to the Berlin Komische Oper to watch a performance of Rigoletto by Verdi. It’ll be great, even if I can’t understand a word of it. I just hope that someone can lend me a euro or two.Tomorrow we have a full day of museums and tours, and I really hope the weather clears up. Which is a long shot. Since we got here, it’s been constantly snowing and blowing. Usually not strong enough to be more than a nuisance, but on the BBC this morning they were talking about huge blizzards perhaps–even to the extent that some Germans were stockpiling in preparation. So I really hope that does not materialize.I fully intend to post again before leaving Berlin. I might even have things up on a special choir blog, but have yet to learn where that is.