Interterm is already half way done!!?

So, it’s already the middle of interterm classes! Today I just took my midterm for my class, and I honestly cannot believe that we only have 2 more weeks left!Interterm is a unique aspect of Bethel. During the month of January, students take 1 class every day for the whole month. Usually the classes offered are different than usual semester classes. There are traveling classes (Europe, Costa Rica), different types of English classes (War fiction), some very interesting science classes (astronomy, animal behavior), and even a fun business class (Emerson Meets Management)…just to name a few! Interterm is more laid back, and many students, including me, enjoy interterm. A plus for interterm is that you are able to get a class out of the way in just 4 weeks,and there is extra time to take a nap, and to hang out with friends!!