Hey people!Greetings from Karlsruhe, Germany! It’s a ten-hour bus ride from Leipzig (Leipzig did not have free internet, and this place only has it for twenty minutes at a time in the lobby, so I must be quick), and we also stopped at Buchenwald concentration camp. That hour-and-a-half stop on the way here deserves far more time than I can give it in a blog, so it will have to wait.But we are now staring down the barrel of an intense week of daily concerts and homestays. I for one am very excited about that. We’ll finally get more of an opportunity to interact with Europeans, and take advantage of their hospitality (not to mention do some laundry, I’ll spare you the details but I am no longer sure how many times I have worn these socks I have on right now).I’m also excited because we have only given three concerts, but the reception has been phenomenal. People love us! And we love them for loving us. And we’re about to get to sing for these people daily, and I can barely contain my jitters.I’m already rushing through things, and I apologize, but I only have ten more minutes left on this internet and SO MANY things have happened that I want to tell you.In Leipzig, we shared the AO hostel with another concert choir, about half our size and from Virginia.We guerrilla performed in both the church that Bach is buried in, and the churches where Luther preached and nailed theses to (95 of them, to be exact). We just kinda walked in and sang, and those performances were some of the most spiritual experiences I have had.This continent breathes history, and yet is so incredibly alive, even in the dead of winter. The weather is looking up, and we’re heading south, and the horizon is filled with our song. I couldn’t be happier.P.S. longer, more coherent post later.