Our month of travels

I’m making a promise right now to post some pictures once I return from Europe. But I can’t very well upload photos to a computer that I do not own.That being said, let me attempt to describe European Choir Tour so far. This trip, as my good choir-mate Clint Harris said, is one that happens every 4 years. For the three years in between the choir takes trips during spring break around the U.S. and (sometimes)Canada. This is big though. It wasn’t in my original plan to be on this trip…. I am fortunate to be on this trip. Choir tours mean spending time with good friends, (many of which I made through singing together) and visiting beautiful, historic, and just plain interesting places. This tour is different. For many obvious reasons (we’re in Europe, we’re gone for a month rather than just a couple short weeks over spring break) but also because we’re gone longer, we have free time galore in cities like Gdansk, Poland, and Berlin, Germany.Which is where we are now.And to be honest, this is very intimidating. All this free time, all these options. Operas, symphonies, museums, stores, landmarks, food, food, food. And then trying to figure out the transportation systems to get to these places. Things like that stress me out. Unfortunately.That is not to say, I have been surrounded by fun groups who, for the most part, don’t care where we go or when we do it. In Gdansk, we spent an evening traveling from restaurant to restaurant, tasting the local cuisine. (Gdansk has fantastic salmon.) And here in Berlin, groups are organizing trips to dance clubs, operas, and museums. PLUS already planned tours for our choir… In particular, on Thursday in Marienburg, Poland, the choir took a tour of a castle of the Teutonic Knights. Um, I love castles. The history of the Teutonic Knights is quite violent. But we viewed beautiful paintings, intense weaponry, chapels, and towers. All in the picturesque snow of Poland. This is our month of travels. Ah-mazing.Ok, more later. I think I get to take a nap now.