Study Breaks!

Wow!!! This week is full of lots of fun study breaks, which help relieve the stress of all your hard finals for the up coming week. Let me see there is a nacho bar tonight and a parent’s association gift that is to be given out to all Bethel Students. I always look forward to the nacho bar, and the gifts are pretty cool. My freshman year we got a thermos, and my sophomore year we got these cool coffee mugs with the famous Ad Building imprinted on it. Not only will there be nacho fun tonight along with our gifts from the parent’s association, there will also be a study bar with lots of snacks, cocoa, and coffee so you can stay up late snacking and being hyper, well and I guess to study as well. There is more to come this week for there is a different snack theme all week. It might be in Voth Hall, Haury Hall or Warkentin Court. I know I will be there ready to get my snack on and study as well. Finals week is a pretty stressful week here at Bethel College, but it is also fun because a lot of events are planned around this time to relieve stress. Like, for instance, last night was the Lighting of the Green. This is where the campus gathers around our beautiful lawn in front of the Ad Building and light it up to show Christmas joy. Also, this is the time of year when many friends get together and hang out one last time before Christmas break.