I try not to complain about my schedule. (Though, I admit, I’ve done a good job venting about my finals if anyone asks.)And I’ve been debating whether I should even mention such a thing here. But I feel compelled to warn everyone of the rigors of my load; I do not wish it upon anyone else.For any current or future students, though I would recommend any of these classes to you, I do not recommend the following combination in one semester:Media AnalysisNew Testament Studies (probably not Old Testament Studies either for that matter)BIFLSchool and CommunityConcert ChoirPerhaps taken in sets of two or three would be bearable. But all 5 together! Spare yourself. I calculated, the week before Thanksgiving Break, 7 papers to write and 4 presentations to prepare before the end of the year. After Thanksgiving Break, I still had 7 papers to write and 4 presentations to give. To date it is down to 5 papers and 2 presentations (one of these was canceled.)”How can you do it??” you ask…I suppose I’ll survive just like every other semester. But I’m worn out and freaking out. These next few days are huge. I’ll be writing a 10-page paper today, practicing for Deutsche Weihnachten tonight, and for a Christmas Pops concert with the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, plus handing in a couple papers and giving a presentation or two. If I live to Tuesday, half the battle will be won. So really, though on the surface this looks like another venting session, I sincerely warn anyone approaching a semester of upper level credit classes:Do not mix them all at once.Best of luck as the year rounds down!