More Music Department

Well, last Sunday was a very special day to me. We had our first band-only concert. I am proud to say that the audience was fairly large, especially considering the foul weather. Some of my in-laws attended (my two year old brother-in-law made the cutest remarks during the quiet parts heehee), and several people from my church attended. Thank you!I am also excited for this Friday’s convocation–the annual Messiah Sing! Last year the instrumentalists played on everything, the edition was new to us, and it was waaaayyyy hard. This year, the woodwinds are only playing on the choruses, so I have it easy. Tomorrow we get to rehearse with the student conductors, and I remember being one. I had nightmares about conducting the Messiah. One of which resonates still… I dreamed that our teacher said, “Well we decided to do more of the Messiah tomorrow–but we aren’t sure which movements, so just learn all of them.” Talk about stress! I even talked to my roommate about it in my sleep. (She was also in that group of student conductors, so she knew what I was going through). I definitely feel for this year’s conductors–and hope it goes well for them. It is an amazing experience to ‘drive the bus’ that is the entire student body. There is a feeling of power, yet at the same time one feels very vulnerable being in front of one’s peers. Best wishes to you, and I’m sure it will go well!