A Weird Beginning

Dear Blogosphere,

My name is Becca Epp. It’s my junior year here at Bethel and my first year blogging. I had a blog once before, but I did a poor job of taking care of it and it died. I very much hope that the same fate will not come of this one. Anyway, I’m a Literary Studies major and a History minor. Reading and writing are two of my favorite hobbies (which is good considering my major) along with movie watching, rain walking and strange conversations at the dinner table which happen daily – one of the many perks of coming to Bethel. If you’re into that kind of thing.

We’re almost through our second week of classes for fall semester. Summer days are slowly fading away, although the heat is not necessarily going with them, and I can’t stop feeling a sense of weirdness. Something about this year is just weird. There have been a lot of changes made to Bethel this summer. Remodeled cafeteria where there are so many options you always end up seeing something better after you already got food, a revamped Academic Center which looks peculiarly like a hospital (especially when the nursing students are out and about in their adorable uniforms) and all the new landscaping changes (where did the bushes outside the caf go?!). I’ve felt like a freshman so many times this week. Seriously, I’m supposed to be able to find all my classes after two years here. Or maybe the weirdness stems from my new mod (full of gorgeous ladies pictured above). I mean they are pretty odd, but I don’t think it’s them. Still. Weirdness.

Maybe that’s why it feels so good to be here in Mojo’s coffee shop sitting with my friends. Listening to two of the most talented, beautiful people I’ve met at Bethel play and sing some of my favorite songs. It feels like home here. I have a lot of friends who chose colleges because of specific majors or career interests and so many of them have told me at one time or another that they wished they had that small-town-tight-knit-community that Bethel can be. And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? The people. The campus will be remodeled, you’ll change mods, you’ll learn facts one day that you forget the next, bushes will disappear at random, but the people will stay. There will always be great people. Maybe that’s why this year feels weird. I’m over the two year hump, on the home stretch and I’m slowly realizing that I’m not always going to live so close to all these wonderfully weird, incredibly amazing people. Maybe that’s why. Weird. But it’s going to be a amazing ride down.

Till next time faithful readers,