BC: Year 3

Hello everyone, I am Samantha Wilkerson, a junior from Hartford, Kansas (If you’ve heard of it, I’m impressed). I am also a Communications major and Marketing minor, but if you ask what I want to do with these I could give you an endless list. The truth is, I am not sure what direction I am going to take, but I do know that coming to Bethel has been a wonderful experience! This year already looks promising and I look forward to the new adventures I will embark on.

As a first year blogger, I am more than happy to share aspects of the Bethel experience with you all. One of the greatest parts about attending BC is how involved you can be. Take me for example, I am on the women’s basketball team, sports editor for the Collegian (our student-run newspaper), and a member of FCA. While those are just a few of the opportunities available here,  it is enough to keep me busy. Who knows though, maybe I’ll join one of the many other clubs on campus!

It’s great to be back on campus, studying, and making new friends! I am also happy to be living with my awesome modmates and especially my roommate, Haley. Year 3 at BC is sure to be a good one!