Good times at Bethel

Hello! I’m Jenae Janzen, a senior from Newton, Kansas majoring in Literary Studies and Bible and Religion. This is the very first blog that I’ve ever written, and I have to admit that the whole idea of blogging has been stressing me out all week. I’m not really sure why; as a lit. major, I’m more than used to writing (last spring I had forty-five pages worth of essays due in the last two weeks of school). Yet, for some reason, the idea of writing something that’s not an essay or a fictional story makes me tongue-tied. However, I’ll try my hardest to say something interesting and pertinent here.

I guess I’ll start by saying a bit about myself.

I grew up in Newton and have lived in the same house my whole life. It’s a nice town, I guess.

I work at Mojo’s Coffee Bar, here on campus, and it’s really a wonderful place to work. For one thing, I love coffee, and the coffee at Mojo’s is fantastic. The other reason I love Mojo’s so much is the people. At work, I’ve met so many people from Bethel and the greater Newton community, and I definitely enjoy spending time with all of my coworkers and my boss, Patty Meier.

Some of my hobbies include reading, walking, tennis, yoga, writing abstract poetry during class, drinking coffee (or tea) and searching for the meaning of life. I have not yet found the meaning of life, but someday I will. But when that day comes, I won’t tell anyone so that everyone can have their own fun figuring it out.

Bethel is a pretty cool place. Today was fancy Friday–a student-generated effort to bring classiness to classes–and everyone looked fantastic. I’m really looking forward to this year of school, even though it’s my last year here.

So have a great year, everyone!

Peace and love,