Finally in Germany!

So we made it to Germany on Saturday. We spent almost 22 hours traveling, with only the 3 hours of sleep we got on the overseas flight. I had a moment of near panic when the plane started the descent into Germany, but that passed.After finding the apartment we live in we went to the Supermarket, or grocery store. It was a small triumph finding everything we needed (purchases included party balls and banana juice), but it felt great. Then we just explored the area of Berlin around where we live. It’s got a lot of cool restaurants and stores nearby, and we’re well connected to the rest of the city by the amazing public transportation system, or BVG, here.Today was our first day of language school. It was great to finally be around people who spoke as little German as we do! The students are from all over, but most of my class is from Spain, with two Israeli guys, a Swedish woman, and one woman from New York City. The instructors are all really nice, and even after one day I feel like I learned something.So far the weirdest thing is the fashion. Skinny jeans and round-toed shoes are definitely in here. And layering, but not the way we do. It is fashionable to look … less put together than we tend to in America. Messy hair, and several layers that don’t appear to match seem to be the way to go. Miriam (Friesen) and I went to a flea market on Sunday to buy some jackets (it is cold, sweater weather already) and shoes so we can blend in better.So far, so good!:)