My new hat

Brad's new hat

I just got out of Poetry Writing Workshop. Tonight, we discussed Richard Hugo’s idea that you should not write a poem about anything that should have a poem written about it. So, I’m going to make a post about something that is not one of the many interesting things happening on campus right now.I could write about my opinion that, though communication between the two parties has been poor, the recent tension between Student Life and a select group of young gentleman is less due to the failure of Student Life to clarify that drinking on campus is not an approved of activity, and more due to the extremely poor decisions of said young men.I could write about the tension between all the guys in my mod and all of our girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, and/or prospective girlfriends, and the Meg Ryan movie-esque comedic drama that follows.I could write about the many problems I have with “Terrorism Awareness Week”, the phrase “Never Forget”, and other 9/11 inspired rhetorical messages floating around campus thanks to the new Conservative Leadership Council club, and conservative America in general.Instead, I think I’ll write about this new hat I got at the Bookstore. It’s maroon. It has “B” on it, for Bethel. It’s pretty sweet.