Hoo-rah for ga-la!!

Hoo-rah and ga-la are intended to rhyme, in case you were wondering.

With the schedule one week earlier this year, Gala ended up being held on the only Friday night between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. This early schedule meant the people who see Gala as the prom of Bethel and hold it in very high regard were preparing before Thanksgiving. I didn’t exactly have the time or energy to devote to that kind of preparation, so I ended up wearing the same dress as last year and having 4 dates. The 5 of us had a great time not having to deal with usual date stuff.

After eating in Memorial Hall with fancy picture taking and food served by faculty members, we skipped out on dessert to get to the jazz concert in time. The Gala jazz concert is by far the most well-attended one of the year, so it’s always fun to watch people in the audience. There’s always someone who has never even considered going to a jazz concert before who is just blown away by the musicians. This year there were a few of those right in my sightline.

There’s a dance after the jazz concert as well, but I’m not really big on dancing. Santa was at the president’s house along with lots of Christmas goodies and carriage rides. I had to take a test the next morning, so the party wasn’t very long for me, but overall people had a good time.

AND I finally got a picture to work!