My Community

There’s nothing quite like the community formed during your college years. Our mod is blessed to have an awesome guy’s mod right across the deck.  (And no, I’m not just saying that because of the 3 guys from the mod who are in relationships with 3 of our ladies).  They are just great guys.  For Gala their mod came over to ours to travel en mass to Memorial Hall, talking, laughing, and teasing each other all the way.  In the last week we’ve gone to Applebee’s for half-price appetizers, gone to Eric’s house for snacks (his mom provided a feast of snack items), and just plan had fun despite the stress of the last week of classes and finals looming on the horizon.

It’s great to have a group that can get together, laugh, and have a great time without the influence of other substances.  I often wonder if the fact that Bethel is located in a smaller town has an impact on our ability to find fun things to do.  Since we don’t want to spend the time going somewhere, we find a way to have fun where we are.

For instance, for birthdays our mod (4C) picks a night to go together to a restaurant of the birthday girl’s choice and other activities if she likes.  Last year we had a game night at my house after eating supper at my favorite restaurant in Wichita.  Next week we’re going to eat supper at Miranda’s house and enjoy an evening at “home”. Which is greatly appreciated by all of us, but especially those who are several miles from home during the school year.

One of my favorite activities was the visit to Eric’s house I mentioned above. We went to have snacks and play with the kittens his family is caring for. The kittens were adorable (of course), and the college guys talking baby talk to them and cuddling the kittens was just about as adorable. We all laughed as the kittens climbed in and out of the pockets in the pool table chasing each other and the ping-pong balls we rolled for them. We finished out the evening with a rousing game of Celebrity and a game of the old computer classic—Oregon Trail, over the projector. During Celebrity I got to watch people acting out “Swagger” and “The Seeker” (from Harry Potter), oh and “Aardvark” and “Marco Polo” all without a sound.  I am so very thankful for these, my friends, modmates, and deckmates with whom I live, learn, and laugh.

The group picture is of 8 out of 9 ladies from my mod 4C.

Thanks to Claire Unruh for taking (and sharing with me) the awesome pictures from Eric’s house/kittens.