Finals Week = Food Week!!!

One of the few good things about Finals Week is that suddenly, everyone wants to feed you!  In the past two days, I have eaten one church-sponsored meal, two meals at the houses of professors, two Bethel sponsored snack bars, and one evening of snacks and kittens at a friend’s house.  This does not include the care packages and random food offerings that have suddenly popped up in our mod, the third meal at a professor’s house that is going to happen tomorrow evening, or the “study break” snack bars offered in the mod’s main lounge.  It’s just great.

The meals at professor’s houses are especially delicious.  Last evening was chicken curry and rice with hummus, pita, quinoa salad and cookies at the home of Christine Crouse-Dick, Collegian faculty advisor and Communications professor.  It smelled so wonderful, and it was a good opportunity to get together informally with the Collegian staff, as opposed to the structured meetings in which we usually encounter each other.

This evening was supper at Patty Shelly’s home.  She is the Bible and Religion professor and one of my academic advisers.  I’ve been eating at Patty’s for 3.5 years now and it has never been a disappointment.  This year, she made Mediterranean food – stuffed grape leaves, hummus, yoghurt and a dish with eggplant, beef, rice, and raisins (I can neither remember nor pronounce the name).  Again, it was a great chance to get together with my fellow Bible and Religion majors and catch up with one another.  I was seated with two of the three other senior Bible majors, one of whom has been in every single Bible and Religion class with me since we both started college.  We spent a lot of time talking about our respective seminar projects, but the topics also branched out into what we were buying our significant others for Christmas and Christmas traditions in our families.

As mentioned previously, I also went with several friends to McPherson, where my friend Eric lives.  He has three new kitties that needed some attention, as well as a mother who cooks delicious cinnamon rolls.  I believe Jennie is going to talk about it a little more, but suffice it to say that it was a wonderful evening – the perfect way to start Finals Week.