Dorm Fun

So, this year I am an Resident Assistant (RA) in Haury. Which means I am responsible for the needs of a hallway of girls and get to plan activities for them. Also this year, the entire campus is having a theme of Olympics, so we each chose a country to represent.

My hall is Korea. And I was so excited that a girl from Korea lives on campus. My friend who is also an RA is doing a hall of Korea in Voth. So we asked the girl and we are doing a event today where we will go and cook a Korean dinner and learn some information about Korea. It should be interesting and fun. We are cooking something called Bibimbap, which is a meal of rice, meat and vegetables. I am very excited because many girls are coming and we are going to the house of a family who works here, who are also very excited. It should be really, really fun. I am really glad because I was given a amazing hall. They are all fun and willing to try new things and have fun.

So far this year we have had a football t-shirt making night, a roommate game, and a board game night. I have some fun things planned and a hall that is really into doing things. So as the year goes on, I will be doing a Pretty Little Liars night, when we will watch the episodes in my room, hopefully a photo scavenger hunt and a tie-dye day. My hall is very social and we have a good time hanging out just in our hallway. It’s always exciting to just stop by and see what is going on. They have made this year so much fun I am excited to see what the rest of the year brings.