Fall back…asleep

Daylight savings was this weekend. Or is it the end of daylight savings? I don’t know. Regardless, “fall back” happened.

That’s how they teach you to remember how to set your clocks- fall back, spring forward. Clever.

However don’t ask me if it’s darker or brighter out in the morning because with a chunk of sleep falling from the corner of my eyelid and the fuzzy haze clouding my vision as I lumber to my 9 a.m. it all looks the same. Some days I’m just wearing thermal leggings, ski coat, cap and gloves, other days the cap isn’t necessary.

The time change doesn’t affect me though. Nor, by and large, most college students. Sure we get an extra hour of sleep tonight, but it’s on a Saturday night. For most of us that’s just another drop in the sleeping til noon bucket.

Once you get to college time takes on a whole new meaning. You no longer need 8 hours of sleep, when 3 1/2 and some Red Bull will do the trick. Falling asleep at midnight is considered going to bed early.

It’s as if someone took a clock and rotated it 45ยบ to the right, that’s how the time change. Even our student activities club plans events for the entire campus during the late evening. And why not? Everyone is still awake, and will be for the next 5 hours.

Some might say that North Newton doesn’t have much in the way of an exciting night-life.

I would argue against that. Campus night-life is quite active and the happenings are varied. And those that disagree have very obviously never been to Newell’s at 2:30 a.m. just to witness the clientele.

Before I left for college a phrase I heard repeatedly was this, “College is what you make it.”

Well, thanks for the advice, I’ve just been making it after you are asleep.