Minority Mentoring

The Minority Mentoring Program has been established for minority students from big cities outside the state of Kansas. This program has been developed for incoming minority freshman who are coming into the Bethel community.

The Bethel Community is a very different environment from what most minority students who are from bigger cities outside the state of Kansas are used to. The goal of this program is to help incorporate and embrace the Bethel community principles as well as making them welcomed as they would in the cities that they are from. The program helps develop activities that these students are used to outside the Bethel community as well as helping them to relate to other minority students.

This year we have incorporated this program and we had taken students out to eat to variou s location throughout Wichita, All Star Sports, and we have a fishing trip in works for the upcoming week. The Mentors consist of Junior Leader John Watson and Krishna Phifer, the mentors were chosen due to prior experience and leadership that they have brought to Bethel. The leaders offer guidance and wisdom to their freshman mentees. The Program continues to grow as it moves forward in a positive direction. As the program grows they are currently looking for new Mentors and might be incorporating a transfer mentoring program as well.