This past weekend was one of the best I have had at college so far. It wasn’t just because I was finally done with a paper and a project that had been causing me a lot of stress, but it was also jam-packed with fun stuff.

Saturday night was the Bubbert Awards, where students can submit films for judging. There were only 4 films and honestly all were very good. Hopefully they will all be up on YouTube or somewhere soon. The winner was a Harry Potter trailer of the whole series set at Bethel. That one was especially cool because it involved so many students as extras and starred Bethel faculty and staff as professors.

Claire Unruh, my fellow blogger, also submitted a really cool time-lapse video of her time in Guatemala last summer. I won’t steal all of her thunder because she probably wants to blog about that herself.

Sunday afternoon was the annual Mudslam volleyball tournament. It was probably in the top 5 most fun things I have ever done. College students in very wet mud quickly results in lots of muddy tackles and hugs as well as throwing and kicking of mud. My team was awful and we lost every game, but we had so much fun it didn’t really matter.

The photo is my teammates looking very serious (taken by Ariel Silva).