Busiest Month of the Year!

Hey Everyone,

Okay now that September is over hopefully things are starting to slow down. I know personally that September was a month filled with busy days that consisted of mountainous amount of homework, being gone every friday and saturday out of state for volleyball matches, trying to attend bible study and other teams games, and squeezing in time with friends when possible.

Looking back on the month there were many exciting things going on at Bethel. The Volleyball team is now 15-8 and 6-1 in conference. We are done with non conference matches and now can concentrate on our conference goals. The soccer teams are playing their hearts out against tough competition day in and day out. I am never surprised by the copious amounts of bruises and lumps they all get from their brutal games. The football team is battling a lot of injuries, I personally had a friend go through shoulder surgery, and another had back surgery in the last two weeks. Never forget about all these athletes, that while they are at Bethel filling their minds with a whole lot of knowledge, they also are sacrificing their bodies to bring pride to our teams!

On the academic side of things everyone has gone through at least one test in each of their classes and is now in the full swing of things looking at upcoming midterms. On the real side we all just cannot wait for FALL FEST this week!! No matter how busy you think you are…just remember to slow down sometimes and look around you. The fall weather has been beautiful in the last couple weeks! Enjoy this time with friends and don’t lose sight of what is important. Come on out to the soccer games on Wednesday, the volleyball game Thursday, the football game Saturday and visit the Fall Fest booths on campus. Some of these things only happen once a year and you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to come on out and show everyone your BETHEL PRIDE!


Photo: 2010 Volleyball Team that went undefeated at their Muskogee, OK tournament!