Fall Fest Fun

Fall Fest just finished up here on campus.  There were many booths set up all around campus.  My mom and grandma joined me here for the weekend festivities.  First we worked at our basketball booth.  We sold Russian Pancakes at our booth to raise money for our trip to Florida.  We are playing in a tournament in Daytona Beach.  We are pretty excited about it.  Then we spent some time walking around and enjoying all of the booths.  We tried a lot of different food including New Years Cookies and Verenike.  We also listened to some of the music performers.  We had a really good time.

Then that evening I helped serve at the Buffalo Barbeque that Kauffman Museum put on.  I helped them serve and then I got to enjoy the meal.  It was pretty tasty!

Then before the football game all of the sports teams went out on to the field to be recognized.  It was great to stand out there with my team and know that here at Bethel we all support one another.  They also recognized some past athletes who were recently inducted into our Hall of Fame.  Then my mom, grandma and I watched the football game.  Overall it was a pretty good weekend spent with good food, friends and family!