A much needed “Break”

As we all know the school year is extremely busy. Many of my friends, fellow classmates, and even teachers have been looking forward to Fall Break. Now that it is here though, to myself and my modmates four days does not seem long enough. Wouldn’t it be nice if fall break was a week like Spring Break? It is easy to understand that Fall Break is shorter though because we have Thanksgiving Break in a little less than a MONTH!! The fall weather has started to set in and campus is becoming more and more beautiful. The leaves on the tree by the Science Building have started to turn a bright red and everyone seems to be excited about this weather change. I personally feel a bit torn. I am not a cold weather person at all and while I am trying to enjoy the 70 degree days I just know that with fall comes winter. Soon campus will be under a cover of frost..and then snow! But the exciting thing about winter is Basketball Season!! For all you basketball fans you will have to make it your duty to come out and support our teams this year. The men’s team is coming out with almost a new team. We have 10 returners from last year and 12 new Threshers. The men are excited to start having games after a little over a month of practice. The first men’s home game is on November 5th. On the other hand we have our women’s team, they finished fourth last year and have been picked preseason as fourth again. We all are hopeful that the ladies can do even better than last year. The Lady Threshers have 10 returners and 9 new players. Their first home game is November 10th. It is a very exciting time at Bethel with lots going on this Fall. In the next month be ready for the last month of Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country and Football and get ready for an exhilarating Basketball season!