Back to work

I built up a lot of excitement for fall break. I have a class at 8 every morning so the idea of finally getting to sleep in for a few days sounded like absolute heaven. The sleeping in was great, and the fact that I got to hang out with friends without having class was great too, but now going back to class is harder than ever.

On Saturday the soccer teams, football team, and choir were all gone as well as many students who went home for break, so there were very few students left on campus. Some of us who were left decided to relive our childhoods and build a blanket fort in the Hub in Haury Hall. It was way more complicated than normal blanket forts and big enough to fit 10 of us to watch a movie. It was a great way to bond with friends who I have known for almost two months now.

Everyone is back on campus by now and class is back in session. I did get to sleep in two days, which was amazing but made waking up at 7 this morning so much harder!

(The photo is of my friends Rebecca and Jocelyn in our fort!)