There’s no place like home

Hey there, and welcome to Bethel blog “Beyond the Green” ! My name is Ariane Bergen and I am from a small town, Moundridge, Kansas, about 20 minutes from Bethel’s campus. I hope you’re reading my post hoping to find out about how great my experience at Bethel has been and about how great yours can be! This year at Bethel, I’ll be starting my sophomore year and living in the Mods. I can’t wait to live in them this year because I get to live with 8 of my closest friends! I also can’t wait for the school year to start because, strangely enough, I am excited to start my classes. I am currently majoring in Biology with Secondary Education, and am thinking about adding a psychology minor to my degree. I chose this degree because I love science and want to be able to share that love with students at a young age. I also love science because it is a field of study that is constantly changing and growing. There is always new information to study which keeps things lively and always interesting. Along with my school work, I will be trying to balance intramurals, school activities, and my social life. Last year I participated in almost every intramural, including volleyball, basketball, wiffle ball, and many others! This year, I am getting involved with many clubs and organizations. I’ll be a part of the Student Ambassador Program, Student Alumni Association, Concert Choir, Women’s Chorus, and will be a part of the Musical. Throughout the school year, I try to make it to as many sporting and fine art events as possible. I think it’s good to support your school, and it’s a great place to meet new friends! There are also many student activities on campus to attend such as s’mores night, school dances, and the Christmas party. Of course, I will also find time to hang out with my friends! We love to go to Druber’s, which is a local donut shop near campus that has the most amazing donuts, or go to the theater to watch the latest movies. My choice to come to Bethel was a difficult one. I am from a long line of Bethel graduates, and during high school was determined to attend KU, or any other school besides Bethel. My junior year, after much persistence from my grandma, I went on a visit under the condition that she would buy me a sweatshirt. I went on the visit and fell in love. Everyone is exceptionally friendly, the professors are professional and will take the time to learn everyone’s names and make sure everyone is making it to class. The energy on campus is always positive, and the atmosphere really gives students the chance to grow in themselves and develop into who they choose to be. By the end of that visit, I was hooked, and now starting my second year on campus, I am convinced that there is no where I would rather be.