Let’s get started!

Hello!  My name is Samantha Askew and I am a senior here at Bethel.  I transferred here last year from Dodge City Community College.  I also grew up and went to High School in Dodge City.  I am a History major and I am also getting my Secondary Education certification.  I chose history because I love to learn from the past and I want to teach it to others.  Most high school students say that history is their most boring subject.  I want to change that common opinion and show students that history is very exciting!

I am also involved in a lot of things on campus.  I am on the Women’s basketball team which should be very good this year since we have a lot of experience.  I am a Student Ambassador, so if you come visit our campus I might get to give you a campus tour!  I am also a member of the Student Alumni Association, which puts on many fun events throughout the year.  We organize some of Fall Fest, Career Night, Grandparents Day, Mud Slam Volleyball and Senior Week.  I am also a member of CLIO, which is our history club here on Campus.  I also work two jobs here on Campus.  I work at Kauffman Museum and I am a janitor in Voth Hall.

I chose Bethel because I knew I could get a great education and participate in many new experiences all while playing basketball also.  I toured Bethel right out of high school and also after my two years at Dodge City Community College.  Both times I really enjoyed myself.  I was impressed with the professors’ knowledge and their willingness to help me.  Before I even committed to Bethel they had my schedule set with all the classes I would need, so I knew that I was guaranteed to graduate in 4 years.   I look forward to keeping you updated on everything that takes place here on campus this year!