General list of events that have sneaked up on me:-The end of the year.-The end of my full-time weeks as student teacher.-The end of April.-My PLT–THE test required by Kansas (and 34 other states) which will determine whether or not I receive my teaching license. The test is tomorrow at 7 am. And though it was at the front of my to-do list last weekend, it has receded to the farthest reaches of my memory until tonight at supper. I’m taking a break from a bit of review right now………I will undoubtedly spend a blog post discussing my sappy-yet-relevant-and-deeply-thoughtful reflections on the last months as a senior. But for now I’d love to catch you up on BC campus life, or the little I’ve seen of it these days. (Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE student teaching, and I have been rocking out to the tune of full time teacher for the past two weeks, but I miss my college student life sometimes.)Still, I’ve managed to weep over beautiful music by my former-choir-mate’s performances. Extracurriculars are so vital here. I’ve participated in a talent show, for the first time since I was ten, and won! (With the help of two other leading lady vocalists and some bad-apple instrumentals.) This talent show was part of Bethel’s yearly week of Spring Fling–campus activities for the students, to enjoy all the new benefits of green grass and warm sunshine. It’s a good boost of social activity before the students become hermits during finals. I’ve celebrated Birthdays, Earthdays, Easters and student-made movies (BC’s “The Herman’s” mirror The Oscars, in a slightly less expensive way, complete with red carpet, fancy desserts, and after-party.) I’ve soaked up (too much) sun, fell asleep to Kansas thunderstorms, and not fallen asleep to the sound of fire alarms at 2 am. Ah. Though I don’t participate in spontaneous games of sand volleyball or ultimate frisbee, I do start my own party on the grass nearby, grading papers or reading (for fun!) and that is usually just as good, especially when I’m joined by the toddler son of the Voth Resident Director. Last time we slayed some crocodiles trying to eat our dandelion puppies… I’ve enjoyed watching the new community gardens come to life every afternoon as I drive home from school. And I’ve spent some quality time with my modmates discussing traveling, jobs, and where we’re headed next in life. (Which includes the upcoming wedding of one modmate, which we all had to sample and model veils for, of course…)April is almost over, and I’ll do a better job of describing, rather than debriefing next time around…Enjoy.