Fall is here!

As I walked to class today, feeling the wind, seeing the set up for Fall Fest, I realized today is the last day of September. Some people say that September begins the season of fall, with the coming of school. Some people say the autumnal equinox is the true beginning of fall.For me, fall is a feeling. The feeling of cool, crisp air blowing through campus, letting me break out that jacket after a summer of heat and humidity. (sigh, that’s a good feeling). But this year I also realized that fall is the feeling of normality. After a summer full of the best camp ever. . . (insert shameless plug) FRIEDENSWALD, school was a bit of a shock to my system. Both are busy and full of activity, but definitely different. Coming back for my sophomore year has been an interesting mix of familiar and new. This year I moved to the mods, a much more community living situation than traditional dorms. I’m living with some of my best friends and all around awesome gals, but it takes adjustment all the same. This year I’m taking upper level courses, which demands a much higher level of commitment and dedication. And an adjustment in itself making all the others more difficult: I had to hit the ground running this year. No freshman orientation, no learning about the community; I’m part of the community now, and since I got involved last year, I have lots of activities and things to do!But the community that I came to love last year makes it all worth it. Coming back to Bethel felt a lot like coming home, which was more than I expected. Yes, some things were different, and adjustments needed to be made, but the core was constant, steady, and life-giving. I knew fall was here about a week ago. Besides the outer indicators of weather and dates, I felt it within me. Adjustments have been made, mostly. The new has become at least normal, if not quite familiar yet. The transition has ended. It’s time for the real living to begin. Yay for Fall!!PS- to celebrate Fall with the Bethel community, come out for Fall Fest, its a huge blast with fun activities and yummy food! 😉