Classes in Ecuador

70 sentences using a unique list of given verbs/adjectives… an essay describing the use of a technocratic model in the fight against poverty… reading of a legend that explains the origin of the city Guayaquil… A weekend in the cloud forest with 8 friends… TIME FACTOR. I spent this weekend having fun with my friends, and now I am cranking out the homework with vigor. I finished my sentences, read my legend, and I’m half-way done with my essay. Luckily the article I am using to write my essay is written in English. I feel like my brain is expanding while I am here, but sometimes things are quite difficult. One advantage of having hard classes at Bethel is that there aren’t mountains, beaches, and jungles to distract you from studying. Every weekend I get excited about traveling, but then I find I don’t have time to do a good job on all of my homework. However, I wouldn’t trade my excursions in Ecuador for the world. One class I am enrolled in is Andinismo, or mountain climbing. In this class we learn how to tie knots, repel from the ceiling of the gymnasium, and other mountaineering tactics. On weekends we go on excursions to various mountains around Ecuador. A few weekends ago we went to an active volcano called Tungurahua, where we encountered dried lava and steam from the center of the earth. I enjoyed it.