A Welcome Respite

Midterms are over. Fall Break kicks off right as my last class of the day ends, which means come 3:50, I have no responsibilities until next Wednesday. Well, ok, scratch that, I still have a few things to do this long weekend. I’m heading back to Manhattan, my hometown, tomorrow so I can get started on a fundraiser for European Choir Tour (I need to do a big fundraiser if I expect to put a dent in the $3000 dollar cost for that trip), and I have to report in to my new job as a dinner cook on Tuesday, and I of course have reading and maybe other homework for classes before Wednesday. But right now, I need this break, and it couldn’t start on a better day.It’s beautiful outside where I sit and type this blog post, the first day of sunshine in I don’t know how long. It’s nice enough to walk around without a coat, and I even caught myself breaking a sweat as I trekked across campus to check my mail (although was met with bitter disappointment as I realized my package hasn’t yet arrived).I feel like I’ve been on overdrive since school started. Right off the bat I had to balance school and the play, and since the play ended I’ve been rushing to catch up with all the work I may have somewhat neglected during the run of the show. And this week, just as I catch up, I had midterms to plow through (largely successfully I might add), and now FALL FREAKIN’ BREAK BABY!!!!!!It’s gonna be a good one.