I’m not late, I promise!

Ok, so I’m new at this whole blogging thing. Not sure how or what to do. But I’m just gonna go, and hope its an exciting ride!This dilemma has been part of my slowness in posting, but to be honest, I also noticed the rush of moving-in posts, and thought a later one could give a perspective.See, this is what I learn in college. How to say I’m not procrastinating in bigger and more convincing words. 😉Actually, as I was getting into the groove of things again here, I was amazed at the amount of things I got done on time or even early! I was so on task I didn’t know what came over me. . .but as I’ve adjusted to the new year and new routines, old habits have come back, and I’m fighting a constant battle between my lazy side and my industrious side. Right now they’re head to head.The thing you always hear about college (and which is totally true) is that there is ALWAYS something you should be doing. With activities, outside responsibilities, oh, and classes of course, we are kept on our toes. BUT, (and I hope you’re still with me, because this is the important part) it’s all worth it! I am always amazed at how when I actually get up the gumption to do my homework, how much I enjoy it. Finding activities and subjects that energize and impassion you is half the battle. During high school I had lots of frustration and annoyance about what I perceived was unimportant and even inconsequential assignments and responsibilities. But at Bethel I was able to discover and explore all different kinds of activities and subjects. My motivation level for college assignments and responsibilities is so far beyond my high school motivation, and I credit that to the Bethel community.Here, my professors care about me and their subject. Seeing their passion makes the subject come to life in new ways and makes it easier to feel energized about different things. The amount and varieties of activities here I also find amazing. For our size we have awesome opportunities. And since we are such a tight community, there is always room for another person to join in, and feel a vital part of the group.Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, and I know this happens to my friends as well, but the truth is, we love what we do. And that makes it worth it.