Officially I have reached the point of exhaustion. 5 or 6 hours of sleep for the past three nights. On a better note, I have accomplished a lot in the past few days. Yesterday I had a great bassoon lesson. A new teacher for me, but I felt like I really proved myself. I left feeling new motivation for learning excerpts, and excitement to work on something I didn’t finish last year. I learned some cool fake fingerings for faster passages, and I was refreshed on the Saint-Saens Sonate- 4th movement. I have come across some great forensics pieces. I’m currently working on the cutting process. I have a prose called “The Burn Journals” by Brent Runyon, about a teenager boy (though I’m not specifying gender in the piece), that goes home, douses his housecoat in gasoline, and lights a match. I’m focusing more on his recovery than the attempt of suicide. My DI, or dramatic interpretation, is from a play called, “White People,” by J.T. Rogers. About no matter how hard we deny it, we all are a little bit racist–even when we try not to be. The POI, or program of oral interpretation, that I’m trying desperately to put together is based on the play, “The Year of Magical Thinking,” by Joan Didion. It’s so depressing though, I’m having trouble putting light into it. In this play, the first thing that happens–I mean literally, first page–her husband keels over in the living room dead. The rest of the play is about how her daughter has serious medical problems and fights and fights and in the end, dies. My duo is about the conflict in the Middle East, and it’s based on the play, “My Name is Rachel Corrie,” by Cynthia and Craig Corrie. It’s still in the process… Yesterday, I received the costuming list for the fall play, “Our Town.” So I am really excited to start working on that. I’ve been doing research on turn of the century clothing and learned a couple new words. Tippet and Jabot. I might suggest one Google imaging what they are–just for the sake of knowing 🙂