The obligatory “New Year’s Resolution” post

Over break, it seems VH1 has made an attempt to saturate the airwaves with the movie “High Fidelity.” This is fine by me; it’s a great film, and it keeps me horribly occupied, as I cannot turn it off if I see that it’s on. One of the funnier quirks of the main character (played by John Cusack) is a tendency to make top-5 lists of everything imaginable, such as jobs, break-ups, things he loves about a girlfriend, or songs he wants played at his funeral. So, in the spirit of the season, here’s my top-5 list of resolutions for 2008:1. Get a grant for summer research, ‘cause I’m just that studious. Yeah, I could be a smokin’ hot lifeguard in Cancun for the summer, or I could sit in the library reading about postmodernism, slowly losing all skin pigmentation. SUPERHAPPYFUNTIMES.2. Visit my uncle in North Carolina. I listen to entirely too much bluegrass music to not.3. Start the goth-metal-Celtic band Chelsea Chaffin has been living for.4. Survey the men with the most impressive beards on campus, and see what I need to do to join their ranks.5. Clean the mod on occasion. Seriously. It’s gross.