Holiday Flix

One of my favorite things to do when I come home for the holidays is to go to the movie theater and watch some movies with my family. We do it pretty much every Christmas break, and this year has been no exception. So far, I have only seen No Country For Old Men and Charlie Wilson’s War. However, both are must-sees.As of right now, No Country For Old Men has my vote for best movie of the year. It’s amazing, it kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire movie…and it’s been a long time since a movie has done that. Set in 1980 little-town Texas, it’s the violent story of the fallout of a drug deal gone bad, and keeps your heart pounding til the end. What is interesting to note is the masterful and perfectly-executed techniques of using a minimal (almost non-existent) soundtrack and the juxtapositions of scenes of comedy and terrifying gun fights.Charlie Wilson’s war is also a gem. It’s the story of Congressman Charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks) getting involved in Afghanistan’s war with the Soviet Union and fighting to supply the Afghan resistance. Philip Seymour Hoffman, who plays Wilson’s CIA side-kick, steals the show and turns in one of the funniest performances I’ve seen in a while. Julia Roberts’ Texas accent starts to annoy me by the end of the film, but then again, Julia Roberts annoys me.Anyways, I strongly recommend both films. Both are rated R, so use discretion if you’re thinking of taking the family.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!