German wares

Obviously being in Germany means making do with different day-to-day items and brands than I’m used to. For example, when I crave pickle relish, I have to buy pickles and cut them up and add the onion myself. And for some strange reason, I really miss my Lady Speed Stick Wild Freesia scented deodorant. Grocery stores generally don’t have as wide a selection as American stores. At first I assumed this would be a huge annoyance, but at the moment…I can’t for the life of me figure out why the soup products at Dillon’s take up an entire half isle, when you can fit everything you need onto a few shelves.Surprisingly, I suspect there may be more things product-wise that I’ll miss upon my return home than I miss here.For instance, Germany has AMAZING candy and chocolate. And they have great brats, which no one calls brats, and are referred to as wurst. And I eat fresh bread constantly- and it’s as cheap as any other kind of bread I can get. They have dozens of spreads for bread, too. One of my favorite things is this drink you can get called glühwein, or hot wine. You drink it like tea from a mug, and it’s just as comforting as the best hot cider you’ve ever had. They also truly appreciate the amazingness of yogurt. There are wonderful flavors, and in many different forms. Germans are also very into bio products. And let me say, if you have a passion for shoes and/or scarves, Germany would be your heaven.I will admit I slightly miss being able to hop in my car and go anywhere I want, but I love that the little Penny Market (grocery store) is only a 2-minute walk from my dorm. And you can get anywhere with German public transportation. There’s no reason to miss American TV or music, because they have all our entertainment. Even though Bart Simpson speaks German here, he still sounds like the same Bart we all know. And yes, they even have shows I could definitely do without, such as Roseanne. German TV has an abundance of reality shows about people having cross-cultural experiences.I do prefer American toilets, though.