Happy Halloween!

I cannot resist expressing just how much I enjoy Halloween. Maybe it’s the sugar-rush talking, but All Hallow’s Eve is one of my most cherished days of the year!If you have a chance today (if you bother reading this on Halloween) swing by Moundridge and try to find my parents’ house, it’ll be the one with a massive graveyard in front and a skeleton hanging in a cage on the front porch. Also, if you come trick o’ treating at my house, you just might get to see our little prison inmates, Bear the Beast of Burden and Catherine the Great (our two youngest cats… in prison suits/black & white striped socks).Halloween has always been fun at the Carey household, whether I was trick or treating or staying at home to pass out candy (or hide in the front yard and scaring the kiddies). My one beef with Halloween is that costumes are getting less frightening… and children’s costumes (especially for girls) are downright disturbing. A recent article on MSN discussed the trend of increasing the “sexiness” of girl costumes (and I don’t mean like twenty-somethings, I mean 5-7 year olds). Dressing up your little girl like a French Chamber Maid or a Voluptuous Pirate Wench is just asking for trouble.Anyway, I think it’s great that Bethel supports getting into the spirit of Halloween by inviting local children (hopefully not wearing costumes from the Pimps and Ho’s OshKosh B’Gosh collection) to trick or treat in the dorms. And I think it’s great that the library is decorated, has spooky sounds playing, has free candy, AND a special visit from Salvador Dali.Happy Halloween!