Top Ten Reasons August 25 Won’t Come Soon Enough

10. Austin M-J’s washtub bass9. Analyzing media with C C-D.8. The return of Alcohol Awareness week, an on-campus campaign to educate students on the dangers of alcohol consumption.7. Working in the Mennonite Library & Archives, the unlikely (but undeniably) most rock’n’roll place on campus.6. Convo. I haven’t seen Dale Schrag all summer, and I fear I may be affirming often, always denying, and distinguishing almost never.5. Sleeping in the same room as Nate Yoder. Every night. AWESOME.4. Getting rid of this stupid, Zen-like serenity I’ve achieved by not having a total dependence on coffee.3. Majken Lund Neesgaard2. Aladdin Food Service. It’s going to be “A Whole New World.”1. 9A. Period.