Here we go

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Meetings have begun.The summertime flurry of facebook activity has subsided.Syllabi are printed.Summer bargains hang in the closet.Colleagues’ faces appear refreshed.Students’ faces appear older, wiser. A fresh, new year is upon us, waiting to reveal itself!Welcome to my blog! It is an honor to share ideas and thoughts with you in this forum. As I type these words, I enter into my sixth year teaching communication courses at Bethel College. You can find me most days in the Fine Arts Center teaching courses like College Issues Colloquy, Public Speaking, Media Analysis (an absolute favorite of mine!), Senior Seminar, Journalism Production, and Media Writing.Welcoming a new school year means saying goodbye to many things: house projects, sleeping in, leisurely walks, gluttonous movie watching, reading for pleasure . . . .But welcoming a new school year means embracing many things, too: cooler weather, new and renewed relationships, the thrill of learning and watching others learn . . . . Here’s to the year before us. May we approach it with humility, confidence, wonder, and awe.