Alabama Bound!

Results from the conference tournament for men’s and women’s tennis:

The men played McPherson in their semi-finals match who is ranked nationally as a team. They lost 5-2 but they played hard, had some great matches and played them even better than they did in regular season conference play!

After a 5-0 win over Kansas Wesleyan the women’s tennis team is going to Nationals in Alabama!

We leave for Alabama this Friday. That means that we will be missing finals week. Missing finals week means that we need to make sure that we get our finals taken before Friday! Yikes! This makes the ending of the school year twice as stressful for us as we are trying to figure out how we are going to get everything done. However, the up side to this is that we will get the school work out of the way so we can just relax and enjoy Alabama, the beach, and the nationals tournament!

Stress Busters:

Learn how to say no: Yes we all do need study breaks or social contact once in awhile, but if your friends want to go out but you really need to finish that big project or study for that big test, don’t be afraid to say no. Same with studying in a group. That can be a fun way to study and in some people’s cases very helpful. However, if you are one of those people who do better and learn more by studying by yourself, don’t be afraid to say no to that either.

Deep breathing: This sounds almost two simple but if you are getting to a state of being really stressed, then stepping back and taking a few deep breaths from your abdomen can really help calm you back down and help you to refocus.

Women’s Tennis Conference Tournament

Well, today is the day of the women’s tennis conference tournament. The winner of this tournament gets to proceed to nationals in Alabama! The Bethel women’s team has won this tournament and gone onto nationals the past four years and we hope to make it a fifth!

The semi final against Southwestern College was this morning at 9:00am in Wichita at Genesis. The Bethel ladies swept the match 5-0. In this tournament, the first to five matches wins. This means that the rest of the matches being played are stopped and are not finished. The girls won the three doubles matches and the two singles matches that finished, getting the last two points, were Bree Honer and Stephanie Shogren.

Because of the poor weather continuing on into May, today we have been playing indoors, however due to a mix-up in communication about courts we will not be able to play our final’s match against Kansas Wesleyan until 7:00pm this evening.

The men will play their semi finals match tomorrow, Friday the 3rd at Wichita Country Club at 9:00am for those who would be interested in coming out and supporting!


Now for a few more stress busters like I have promised:

– If you have some bubble wrap, pop it! If not, here is some virtual bubble wrap just for you:)

– Stop and take a few deep breaths

– Practice Mindfulness – focus intently on an object such as eating and slowly savoring a piece of chocolate, or noticing the weight or color of your pencil, etc.

Upcoming Tennis And Some More Stress Busters!

Alright everyone, strap on your seatbelts because things are about to get crazy. At least they are for the Bethel Men’s and Women’s tennis teams. Scheduled to play today and three of the next four days the bulk of our season is on the line. The women are the defending conference champions and are hoping to repeat again this year. The men are looking for a shot at the end of the season tournament and both are off to an excellent start. The women are 5 and 0 with convincing victories over Southwestern, McPherson, Tabor, Bethany and Friends. The men are 3 and 2, their only losses coming at the hands of the nationally ranked teams McPherson and Bethany. All of the matches remaining in our conference schedule are at home as well as a few more non-conference matches. We would love to have you come out and support us. Both squads offer a peak at some of the best tennis around. Here is the schedule for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: Baker @ 2pm (Home) *****(Edit: this match was cancelled due by Baker due to possible bad weather)

Wednesday: Hesston @ 6pm (Hesston College) (JV) *****(Edit: this match was also cancelled due to rain)

Thursday: Kansas Wesleyan @ 3pm (Home) ****(Edit: this match might also be postponed until Tuesday because of possible rain)

***** Hopefully we will have some nice weather one of these days for those who are interested in coming out and supporting the Men’s and Women’s tennis teams!

Also as promised I have a few more stress buster tips thanks to a few of my willing mod mates!

– Make time for a fun activity. Do this so you can take your mind off of your homework for a little while!

– Eat a piece of chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better! (Plus it really does release endorphins in your body!)

– Take a nap. Another way to relax and help get your mind off of all you need to do while on a break!

– Go on a run. Sometimes doing a fun activity with friends helps reduce stress but other times or for other people making some alone time for yourself helps, along with exercise as I mentioned in my last blog. (Running release endorphins into your body, too!)

That’s all the stress busters for today, look for my next blog which will include some more!


Balancing Studies and Sports

Hey there!

I’m currently in my third year as a student athlete and if there’s something I wish I’d been a little more prepared for in the beginning,  it’s knowing how to balance school work and athletics.

First of all, participating in any collegiate sport is going to take some time managment. When you sign, you make a committment to your team, coaches, and yourself to perform on the field/court and in the classroom. You can’t have one without the other, so it’s important to plan our your schedule so you have time for studies. Practices, workouts, and games will take up a lot of your time, but as long as you stay on top of your classes it’s manageable.

I suggest writing in your planner, so you don’t forget what assignments are due for what class and when (trust me, you need to write it down!). I also make lists on a regular basis, sometimes it’s just a rough outline of the tasks I need to complete and in what order. Prioritizing is a huge key, I always start with what is the most time consuming assignment and then what needs to get done first.

Although you’ll have lots going on besides team commitments and school, you do need to set aside time for a social life and some relaxation. If you prioritize well and get done what is on your list, you’ll notice it gets easier to find some free time.

I’m not going to lie and say you’ll always have time, because there’s no doubt it’s going to get stressful. I can guarantee that at times it will seem chaotic, but do yourself a favor and manage your time effectively!

Talk with your coaches and teammates, odds are they’ll be willing to help you in any way they can. Study with teammates, ask for a tutor, and let your coach know if you’re struggling.

Remember, managing your time is the key, playing a sport and excelling in the classroom is possible!



Qualifiying for nationals

“Bradley threw a season best 44.25m in the Discus at the Southwestern Relays. With the mark she finished 1st out of 26 competitors. She currently holds the best throw in the KCAC and ranks 6th in the NAIA.” – KCAC full article

Technically 5th in the nation on everything that I have seen. But I think it is exciting. Two weekends ago, we participated at a meet in Winfield. For one of my throws, everything just fell into place. I threw a 44.25 meter throw, which is about 145ft 2in. This throw did lots for me, lots of exciting things for me. 1. I won first place in the meet. 2. I jumped to first in the KCAC conference. 3. I broke the school record. 4. I qualified for the national meet. And 5. Am currently ranked 5th in the Nation.

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Quitters never win… or do they?

Coming to Bethel had a lot of implications for me. For starters, it meant that I would be two state lines away from home. It meant that I would have to fight my own battles without the reliance of my parents. It meant I would have to be responsible. *gasp*

It also meant that I would be accomplishing a lifelong dream, and as far as I was concerned, this dream was the reason for my existence. I got the opportunity to play college basketball.

Aside from my jersey and lack of face paint not much differentiated me during my first two years from the guys in student section spectating and  longing to be on court. This season, however, I was in a significant position to contribute. I started nearly every game, averaged a healthy 8 points a game, scored career highs, and was generally an integral part of the team.

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Sports Photography

For the past three-and-a-half years, I have been the self-proclaimed sports photographer at Bethel College.  I really love photographing the passion that people have for a particular activity, and sports photography is one way of doing that.  I usually try to attend at least one tournament/match/meet/game per season for each sport, and usually attend far more.  I enjoy seeing the passion that my classmates have for their respective sport and the camaraderie that exists between teammates.  And it is so wonderful to be present when something truly legendary happens, such as the basketball win that recently occurred over Southwestern, the football team’s “bouquet toss” in 2010, or the inaugural game (and win!) of Bethel’s new softball team.

Cross Country

This Saturday was the final Bethel cross country meet of the regular season.  All of the teams in the KCAC league (McPherson, St. Mary’s, Ottawa, Tabor, Bethel, Friends, Southwestern, Kansas Wesleyan) ran in the meet, which was to determine which individuals and which teams would head to the national race in Vancouver, Washington.  Bethel supporters turned out in droves – there were at least 3 cars full of students, as well as parents, past teammates, and coaches.  In addition to encouraging our fellow classmates during the race, several of the students erected “cheer pyramids” at strategic points along the course!

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Joys of Being a Student Athlete

Of course the beginning of the year can be the easiest and the most stressful time of the year. You start every class by going over syllabuses, the easiest thing ever. But when you start your first tests and quizzes you realize that school has really begun. Luckily, classes don’t stress me out too much (the hardest part for me is reading a chapter every night out of textbooks.) It gets a little tricky when you throw a sport into the mix.Don’t get me wrong I love basketball and being a part of the team. I’m so glad I decided to play once I got to college. It keeps me in shape, you always know you will always have friends because a team is the best place to start meeting people, you never have to sit alone at lunch, I get to keep doing what I love and have fun. But when it comes to the time part, it takes up a lot of time. Read More

Senior Night

Although the women’s basketball game on Thursday, February 18 did not end on a high note, it is a night that the six seniors will remember and cherish forever. It was the night of our last home game in the regular season, and it was a night of honor. The six seniors were recognized for their hard work on and off the court through their time at Bethel. The night may have not gone according to plan, but the togetherness that the six seniors have built through the years showed as they huddled together one last time at the center of the court.