Fun in Alabama

The women’s tennis team is now here in Alabama safe and sound! We left Friday after lunch and after two long days of driving we finally arrived at our hotel in Mobile. For dinner to this chicken place called “Raisin’ Canes.” We went to the restaurant last year as well which was DELICIOUS! We also tried out the hot tub and swimming pool at our hotel. Now, we are getting ready to head out to this coffee shop with amazing smoothies and gelatos which is a block away from our hotel.

Tomorrow we are going to have a morning practice at the tennis center and then we are heading to the beach for the rest of the day! We don’t play our official match until Tuesday, but coming this early helps us get acclimated to the hotter and more humid weather that Alabama has.

Fortunately I along with several others finished all my finals before leaving for Alabama so on this trip I am really able to relax and enjoy it! (besides a few small journals/reflection papers). Traveling with the tennis team has been so much fun (as always) and I am looking forward for the rest of the trip!