Berlin Adventures

By Emily Harder

1523131_700624709959574_686520252_oSecond blog post coming to you from the one and only Emily Harder.  This evening we completed our third concert, located at Johannes Kirche in Berlin.  As always we could have done things better but the audience was gracious as ever making our jobs that much more rewarding.  As we were singing our last song, The Lord Bless You and Keep You, I glanced over into the audience and noticed a man wiping a few tears away from his eyes.  The sighting amazed me and reminded just how powerful music can be.

The rest of my day was spent exploring the streets of Berlin. Today was our free day so people were doing various things, including visiting the zoo, going to museums, and just discovering what all Berlin has to offer.  I began my day by attending a short service at the Berliner Dom, which is perhaps the most beautiful church I have ever seen. Also maybe the largest.  From there we wondered through an artist market, finding some great gifts for ourselves and our loved ones. Stumbling upon some breakdancers performing for a crowd was definitely a major highlight of my afternoon.  While my legs are a bit tired from the long day of walking, I’m extremely happy with all that I got to experience today.  Hope all is well in the States or where ever else you are reading this from. More to come soon!