Traveling through Lesotho

Traveling through Lesotho has been quite an adventure.  And it takes a lot of time.  If you look at Lesotho on a map, it seems small, someone said it was comparable in size to Maryland.  However, it takes hours for us to get where we need to go.  Many of the roads we have traveled on here in Lesotho have been dirt roads and very rough with lots of pot holes, much worse than the country roads in Kansas.  Riding in the back of the vans can get a little rough and isn’t always the most desirable place to be.  The roads here never go through mountains, they always go around them.  Up in the mountain they can be a little narrow too, especially when your van driver goes full speed around the corner with cars coming from the other direction.  One positive of these winding dirt roads is that we get to see a lot of the scenery, which is definitely worth seeing.  Lesotho is a beautiful country, bumpy roads and all.

Camille Claassen